Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Purpose of Management

Management must meet the needs and aspirations of both followers and other stakeholders. Therefore, we
define management as influencing people and other resources to achieve meaningful results. "Leaders who are not getting results aren't truly leading. Or, more specifically, leaders who aren't getting desired results aren't truly leading. Leaders must must learn to understand and focus on desired results."

Successful organizations are deeply aware of their sense of purpose. Just as a search for meaning is a principal human motivation, it is also a principal characteristic of dynamic, growing organizations. These organizations have classified their responsibilities toward customers, society, the environment, owners, employees-all of the key stakeholders that are affected by their performance.

Inspired leadership has stimulated the revolutionary changes that are sweeping the world. Individually and in groups, people with the courage to turn their aspirations into action are making important changes everywhere in our global society. The good news is that most of this changes are making a positive contribution to human well-being.

The pace of change is continuing to accelerate. "The major challenge management faces today is living in a world of turbulence and uncertainty where new competitors arrive on the scene daily and competitive conditions change. We can no longer count on a stable world that is unchanging and unvarying and manage accordingly."
Powerful modern customers whether consumers or corporations want one thing: more. They want more products for less money, more quality and more service, more flexibility and convenience, and more motivation.


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