Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Leading Children..

Teachers, Parents, and adults have often commit mistakes in leading and teaching a children. They follow methods of other people, or sometimes pattern on how they were raised when they are young and kids. Sometimes they still remember the hurt of punishment they received from their teachers and parents before, that is why they transfer the difficulties of learning to the next generation.

But there is a bad effect to it, the love, affection, and joy that should be part of learning will be change to fear, hatred and anger, instead that the learner or child love and value the teacher, hate and fear will takes it place in between. Let us improve the process of learning, let us make learning an enjoyable and interesting one by being friendly and supportive to learner.

Let us put ourselves in their shoes, that one's we also learner's and being scolded, we're afraid of that isn't it? We enjoy learning and following when teachers praise and support, so the same thing we must do to learners today. We are in the age of technology fast and easy life is at stake, we should let the child feel the love of human so that they can compare the difference of man and machine, and will long for the care of their loves rather than staying in a computer machine or other gadget that will kill their time thinking that it will provide them satisfaction.

Let us go down to the level of children, guiding them to advance upward for development, let us learn to accept everybody's limitation, because even us has limitations.

Good luck and have a good day of influencing and directing.


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