Thursday, October 15, 2009

Traits of Leadership

There are some good traits that a leader must posses, simple but essential in dealing, influencing, and communicating. First, leader must be good listener and follower, must be able to learn, acquire and sense through listening. Second, leader must be open, must be willing to give and accept any possibilities. Third, leader must ready for any change, part of everyday activities is change that is why he must be ready. Fourth, leader must be

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Your Tools in Leading

The desire to lead require patience, effort, diligence, perseverance, undying power, and potential. We need to lead because it is a requirement and necessity, we need to lead because it is part of life. Some people discover the art of leading, others learned the ability and talent in the process.
There are times that we compare leadership, we tend to copy or follow steps, we don't know that it is in situation that leadership emerged or come out. The need of situation differs, although sometimes it is applicable to duplicate styles. Leading is a difficult task because resistance are inevitable; question, suggestion, remarks, criticism, opposition are some among numbers of problems that may possible encounter. But whatever hindrance and resistance against any effort of leading to achieved something are part of our task in bringing out something worthwhile that can be utilized or patterned by others.

Monday, October 5, 2009

A Good Follower to Lead

Leaders emerged from being a follower then into leadership, there are reasons that motivates an individual into leadership or being a plain follower, one reason probably is learning, another is practicing and getting ready for future or an assigned task, or for reward.
One secret of leader is being a good follower, the art of influencing start and acquired when you have develop the art of following, when things done accordingly it is not because it was planned carefully, but because everyone had understand the need and importance of following and leading to attained a certain task.
Leadership is an investment, you exert effort then received a reward after. Reward may be a blessing of health, wealth, relationship, effort, or fortune.

Friday, October 2, 2009


Resulta ng larawan para sa leader

Between two, three, and more persons there is a leader. In a group of children, youngster, and adults there is a leader. If you have companion, you will be identified as leader or follower. Style of leadership change in different situation, there is no leadership style that fits to any situation. A leader needs to study and analyze person, situation, and condition that he encounters before initiating any influence that will direct follower or member to a certain point.


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