Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Situational Leadership Pattern

Leadership has different form of influencing. In any form there are strengths and weakness, and there are corresponding objectives and strategies to follow or to keep in mind.

The following are forms of influencing which can be utilize in controlling and directing a group as part leadership.

a) Telling, the objective of this type of influencing is to control the group. The strategies that should be implemented to this are; providing specifics(what, when, and where), define the role of every member, execute the predominantly one-way communication, made decisions, close supervision and accountability, and simple and specific instruction. The weaknesses of this type are demanding, demeaning, dominating, and attacking members of the group. This type of leadership must be executed to the group that are unable and unwilling to follow, and the type is effective if leader will use it for telling, guiding, directing, and establishing with the members of the group.
b) Selling, the objective of this type of influencing is to convince the group. The strategies that should be implemented are; provide (who, what, when, where, how, and why), explain decisions and allow opportunity for clarification, provide two-way dialog, leader made decisions. The weaknesses of this type are manipulating, preaching, defending, and rationalizing. This type must be executed to followers who are unable but

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Your Desire to Lead

Leading is not a complicated task, but sometimes becoming complicated if you do not understand the needs and specific direction of the group. There are no easy moves, remember that you are directing people not objects, people will reason out and complain if directions are not clear and attainable to specific time frame.


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