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Sunday, September 15, 2013

Challenges of Leading an Organization

Some concepts in the behavioral sciences give you some good ideas to think about, but they do not always tell you how or when to put those ideas into practice in the management of human organizations.

Leading-influencing the behavior of others-is not a single event. Leadership and management are full-time responsibilities that must be practiced on a

Friday, September 13, 2013

Organizations as sources of Competitive Advantage

The sources of competitive advantage have changed through social and technological development at various international levels. The sources have progressed from control of natural resources through economic and financial expertise, to improved marketing ability, to control of technology, and to improved use human resources.
Historically, productivity improvement has focused on technology and capital equipment to reduce input of labor cost. Improved output was generally thought to be subject to obtaining more production by applying industrial engineering techniques such as methods analysis, work flow, etc. Both of these approaches are still appropriate, but the current

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Technology and Organizations

Not only is power shifting from sellers to buyers. Internet technology is giving buyers the ability to search for
the best quality, service, terms, flexibility, and innovation. It is giving them the convenience to search with just one click. If you are not pleased with one firm's products/services, another's website is just a click away.

Technology is also giving organizations the systems and tools to be relentless cost cutters. Traditional layers of management are being stripped away because the Internet is reducing the need for middlemen, brokers and distributors. People now have the tools to gain immediate access to anyone, anywhere in the world. The geographic distance between leader and follower is increasing. The pace of


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