David Danio Jr., is a coach and trainer in athletics, also an officiating official in athletics, and a fitness consultant. Served as lecturer in physical fitness and school management. He is a blogger since October 2009 up to present. He wrote different topics regarding leadership and management.

He develop a questionnaire for Situational Leadership. It is used to capture the leadership behavior of teachers, managers, and leaders. It can be applied in any situation or group that involves follower, manager and leader. The questionnaire can be use for Thesis, Dissertation and others. The questionnaire can be edited to match your needs, just inform us.

He read a lot of books that contribute to his becoming.
He holds a Bachelor of Science in Agriculture from Pangasinan State University at Sta. Maria, Pangasinan. He also holds a Master's Degree in Education from Northern Luzon Adventist College. He is finishing his Doctor of Education from Tarlac State University.

He is a level I International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) Coach. He is also a Philam Life financial consultant, a topnotch farmer producing hybrid corn, hot pepper, tomato, and commercial rice.

Other services offered:

  1. Consultation

  • School Management; in areas of human resources, physical facilities, curriculum, advertising, financing, and human relation.
  • Rice and Hybrid corn production; in areas of choosing varieties, applying fertilizer, irrigation, and weed control. We'll show you how to add tons harvest to your previous record.
  • Physical Fitness; we'll tell the proper exercise and diet to maintain your good health. To those who are sick, we'll recommend some possible remedy to recover and get well.
     2.  Lecture
  • Social Intelligence; the process of connecting and getting along with people, and having them agree with you.
  • Success Selling, eliminate prospecting customers and clients, and get into the position that you'll be look and find by the clients and customers. Improve your selling process.
  • Appropriate leadership style, learn to be in a process of leading and directing of follower and people. 
  • Reinventing human relation; improving the relationship we have with our fellow to fit with the current situation we have. To restore relation for the second or third chance. Having the best relationship that we never have before.
     3.  Mentoring
  • How to sell yourself, getting other people agree with you and maintaining those who like you.
     4. Servicing

You may reach us through the following;

Text: 0927-626-0447
E-mail: jonaflormicfren@gmail.com

    We don't entertain call, we'll call you upon validating your request for our services.


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