Thursday, March 17, 2016

How to Get Positive Responses

I am going to tell and show you how you will get positive response when you sell, call, ask, and anything that you do with other people. Don't waste your time and effort, see to it that every move and effort you exert counts, stop copying other's technique that don't work.

First, develop self-confidence. Imagine how you would look like, see yourself as successful person in anything that you do. Dress the way you liked, act the way you want to be, talk like the person you admire to become. Practice to make it permanent.

Second, like and love yourself. If you like and love yourself, you will also like and love others, you can't hide that, it will be notice and observe by others you go with. So when you call, sell, or ask, your liked and loved personality reflects and others will copy and follow. If you smile to other, they will smile at you. If you


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