Friday, September 30, 2011

Leadership is Charity

Generosity is an act that must be known and practice by anyone, not only to leaders. It is a trait that must be develop. Not everyone was blessed to have their needs and can acquire their daily necessity, that is why their is a need  to give to less fortunate or to the one who need most.

The sensitivity of leader to the needs of his group and fellow around must be develop. The leaders' quickness to respond to his followers need is also the quickness of his follower to respond to the need of leader. So that is

Friday, September 23, 2011

Leadership is Motivation

Before any action, a group or individual need to set mind, focus to a certain goal or target for a particular time. You need to catch the attention and mind of follower or group before directing and giving command.
To catch and direct motive of anyone needs some effort, you need to observe them, interrupt them, and direct their attention. You can't catch them easily, even those who followed you enthusiastically, if you cant divert their present focus and attention, and you just direct them without catching their motives, I supposed their is no

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Leadership is Venture

The undertaking that involve risk and uncertainty. It is a journey with no sure or clear destination. It is a purpose that is powered by inspiration, the desire to achieve a midst different threat and weaknesses. Every venture has no definite good result, even if planned carefully, put necessary inputs and requirements, still it is not  guarantee to have good outcome or results.
A leader must be ready for venture, in everything there are uncertainty. Must be ready to accept any result as outcome for venture. A leader when planning always expect and detailed it to have good output, but when it

Monday, September 19, 2011

Leadership is Vision

  The ability to visualize the future of an organization or group. It is seeing the future status and situation of an established organization and group. The ability to picture out every details and its intended function. The vision is a dream and picture of destination. You will exert ten percent effort in visualizing the dream, and ninety percent effort is required to realize the dream.
A chosen and aspiring leader should possess and develop the ability to visualize and realize goal. He must be ready to face any obstruction and problem. He must be brave and firm, not to quit and give up if it is needed.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Leadership is Networking

The process of linking and connecting to other group, individual, company, program, and subject. There is a need of interconnection. The link to different private and public entity is necessary these days. It is said that, "more heads are better than one." It is not because we're weak and don't know much, but because we finished and achieve more in more numbers of individual that are involve in task.

A leader needs connection to produce and accomplish more things, he needs network of leader with same

Monday, September 5, 2011

Leadership is Mentoring

It is teaching and counseling. To bring up a new leader, to multiply himself. In a regular process of management, leaders command and delegate task to be done, because leader can't accommodate all the needed task. To qualify to the requirements needed, a leader need to orient, guide, tell, and participate. He must show the process of getting things done the way the leader wants it.

The relationship of mentor and follower should be improved. The leader as a mentor should show to the follower the need and important of acquiring the knowledge that must be transferred, that the knowledge is not

Friday, September 2, 2011

Leadership is Foresight

The ability to see and conceive the future situation and facts is a leader's trait. If you're planning to exist five, ten , or more years ahead, you must have the ability to plan and act for things that will exist for longer periods.
If you are the school administrator or president, you must have the ability to foresee the situation ahead, must know the expected number of students, teachers, staffs, and other personnel. The expected income and sources must be identified. The settings and structures of buildings and other physical facilities must be properly identified and

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Leadership is Affirmation

It is saying and declaring it positively. A leader must criticize in private, and praise in public. It is proper that somebody or everybody need to be affirm if they are due to it. It is the cheapest way to reward and reorganize the effort and performance of members. It will give inspiration and motivation to others to follow, behave and perform well. To be called and praise especially in public is one big thing to the person who will be described and affirmed.


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