Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Leadership is Networking

The process of linking and connecting to other group, individual, company, program, and subject. There is a need of interconnection. The link to different private and public entity is necessary these days. It is said that, "more heads are better than one." It is not because we're weak and don't know much, but because we finished and achieve more in more numbers of individual that are involve in task.

A leader needs connection to produce and accomplish more things, he needs network of leader with same
concern he had, he needs network to be updated of changes and trends, he needs network of sources and supplies, he needs network or connection to public and private servants.

Networking start within an organization. From leader to members, then the people in the community where the organization and group exist. Everybody has talent and skills to share, everyone has acquaintances and connection. Don't underestimate anybody, you need them.


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