Friday, September 23, 2011

Leadership is Motivation

Before any action, a group or individual need to set mind, focus to a certain goal or target for a particular time. You need to catch the attention and mind of follower or group before directing and giving command.
To catch and direct motive of anyone needs some effort, you need to observe them, interrupt them, and direct their attention. You can't catch them easily, even those who followed you enthusiastically, if you cant divert their present focus and attention, and you just direct them without catching their motives, I supposed their is no
excellent outcome in the process.
The leader needs the constant study and practice of motivating followers, the situation, time, and action change, that is why constant observation and motivating process for the follower must also be changed. The leader must be familiar to everyone who must be involved in the process, or else, you're just throwing nothing to no one in the process of motivation.


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