Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Leadership is Venture

The undertaking that involve risk and uncertainty. It is a journey with no sure or clear destination. It is a purpose that is powered by inspiration, the desire to achieve a midst different threat and weaknesses. Every venture has no definite good result, even if planned carefully, put necessary inputs and requirements, still it is not  guarantee to have good outcome or results.
A leader must be ready for venture, in everything there are uncertainty. Must be ready to accept any result as outcome for venture. A leader when planning always expect and detailed it to have good output, but when it
turns out to be failed only few survived and continue. There are things to be learned and to be familiar with in any venture. It is just like hitting the baseball, if you can't hit it in the first strike, be careful and sure to hit it in the second and third strike. Learning and mastering takes time, remember that you're not alone, solicits and seeks advice from your members, don't take it alone, let them be part of it, to feel the failure and victory.


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