Sunday, September 15, 2013

Challenges of Leading an Organization

Some concepts in the behavioral sciences give you some good ideas to think about, but they do not always tell you how or when to put those ideas into practice in the management of human organizations.

Leading-influencing the behavior of others-is not a single event. Leadership and management are full-time responsibilities that must be practiced on a
continuous basis. Each minute must be spent wisely. This is because real life situation are never static. They are constantly changing, with many factors or variables interacting at the same time. Consequently, the behavioral sciences, unlike the physical sciences, deal in probabilities. Our purpose then is to help increase the odds in your favor, not to suggest rules. in behavioral sciences, there are no rules.
It is human nature to react to problem in an emotional way. Successful leadership is fundamentally determined by leader-follower interaction in the pursuit of goal accomplishment. It involves readiness assessment, leadership intervention, appraisal of the results of this intervention, and effective follow-up.


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