Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The fundamentals of influencing

  Influencing, directing, and driving followers are an essential part of leadership. But before leading followers there are things that are needed to check and consider; first is the relation with the followers, another is their trust and confidence in your leadership as guide and motivator.
  To control followers in leading to a purpose the leader must establish good relation. Having a nice relation with them means staying with and valuing them, understanding them, giving any possible things they need that you can provide, answering their question, and staying with them even at worst time of their life, to this kind of strategy you'l be able to control and catch their attention, although it will require much time and effort, the outcome of this will produce quality product or outputs.

  Establishing trust and confidence of follower towards leadership is a complicated one, sometimes you need to sacrifice in order to prove them that you are truth with any intention you have. Getting their trust and confidence happen slowly, because as you study and observed them they also do the same process, and because you're leading them they will follow every step you have initiated to them. Sometimes they will be doing what you're doing to them in response or sympathy to what you've done to them. 


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